ARIA Alumni Roster

The good news is that we have an ARIA Alumni Roster that has over a thousand entries.

We don’t publish this roster here on the web site in consideration of privacy issues.

Alumni from Patrick, Wright-Patt and Edwards are all listed  — IF they have checked in!

If you have been on the Roster before and want a copy of the latest data, simply drop a direct email request to:

If you have not been on the Roster before and want to both join and receive a copy, drop an email to Bob Beach at the above address, and include your Name, Rank, home address, phone you want listed, and email.  You will be ‘vetted’, added to the Roster and then receive a copy of the entire file.


Now for the bad news!

Over half of those listed in the Roster no longer have a working email address on file!

This means that they have not been receiving the recent ARIA bulletins, and most likely have not heard about the AGAR 23 Memorial Association!!



It’s truly easy and would be a great help.

Simply request a current roster from Bob.  Then scan down for your friends names.  If they are listed without an email address, please contact them to check in.  If they are not even listed, the same approach applies–help them check in by sending the email to:


Many thanks for helping

Bob Beach