ARIA Beer Mugs

For those of you who lost or never received an engraved beer mug, there is still hope.  This morning, Oct 6th, I made a special trip to downtown Dayton to our original supplier–Bird’s Trophies, Plaques & Engraving on East Third Street.

The good news is that folks were there.

The bad news is that they were busy packing the closed store ‘out the door’!

The good news is three fold:

  1. They still have mugs in stock.
  2. They still have our logo on file.
  3. They can still produce mugs–from a new setup at their home.

Here’s how you can get a mug:

  1. Call Pat Zehring at 937-481-1619 or email at and place your own order.
  2. It will be cost plus shipping.
    (From this morning’s discussion, they will have a new cost worked up before the first orders are called in.)
  3. You are encouraged to place orders–the sooner the better, because
  • There is a limited remaining stock of mugs.
  • If you want it before the big May 2018 weekend, there is a production and delivery time to ponder.

In summary and regarding the big May 2018 weekend.   ARIA mugs will be part of “The Uniform of the Day!!”

-Bob Beach